DCC offers a full range of medium voltage and low voltage control and distribution components to support the needs of panel builders across a broad range of industries and applications. DCC also has a comprehensive offering of licensable designs and delegated support team for low voltage and medium voltage switchgear, including xEnergy Low Voltage System and xGear Medium Voltage System.

DCC years of history providing electrical equipment and systems and understands the challenges you face when constructing an electrical distribution system for a given customer and facility.   At DCC we’re on a mission to deliver intelligent, innovative solutions to allow panel builders to meet the growing needs of commercial, industrial and utility segments.

  • Comprehensive, safe and flexible low voltage and medium voltage licensable assemblies platforms
  • World class power distribution components with unique safety and performance benefits
  • Control and automation solutions with differentiated end customer value propositions

DCC’s xEnergy low voltage system and xGear medium voltage system gives you the competitive edge over your competition.  It means you can provide optimum added value in your own panel designs, and can enjoy reassurance of knowing that you are using type-tested systems and components of the latest designs.

DCC is an industry leader in product solutions with safety-conscious design and installation that comply with the latest industry codes and standards.

DCC’s products are designed to provide continuous, clean and reliable power.

Low Voltage Licensable System – xEnergy
xEnergy is a modular switchboard system with a wide range of configurations for reliable power distribution or motor control applications. A combination of designs can be joined in a single lineup to meet the requirements of your specific application.

Medium Voltage Licensable System – xGear
Combining advanced technology with proven engineering excellence, the xGear 12 kV, 17.5 kV and 24 kV system provides the highest safety and reliability standards without compromising competitiveness.

Arcflash Reduction Maintenance System
A circuit breaker equipped with an Arcflash Reduction Maintenance System can improve safety by providing a simple and reliable method to reduce fault clearing time.

Low Voltage Air Power Circuit Breakers
DCC’s Series IZM Low Voltage Air (Power) Circuit Breakers enable comprehensive solutions to meet and exceed the unique and wide-ranging requirements of today’s global power distribution systems. This powerful circuit breaker offering is designed for ultimate custom configuration and application flexibility, with the needs of the power distribution equipment user and the electrical equipment manufacturer in mind.

Molded Case Circuit Breakers
DCC’s Molded Case Circuit Breakers (MCCB) are designed to provide circuit protection for low voltage distribution systems and equipment up to 1600A. With a broad range of accessories, advanced diagnostic systems, and adherence to worldwide standards, DCC’s MCCBs offer the latest in protection technology.

Miniature Circuit Breakers, Protection and Accessories
DCC’s miniature circuit breakers are used in a loadcenters, panelboards, or similar devices, used to switch and protect the lowest common distribution voltage in an electrical system. Miniature circuit breakers are available with a wide selection of accessories and can be custom modified to meet special application requirements.

Medium Voltage (MV) Vacuum Circuit Breaker
DCC’s vacuum circuit breakers provide centralized control and protection of medium voltage power equipment and circuits in utility, industrial, commercial, mining and marine installations involving generators, motors, feeder circuits, and transmission and distribution lines.

Medium Voltage (MV) Vacuum Contactor
“SL” family of Cutler-Hammer medium voltage vacuum contactors are designed and engineered specifically for the OEM. “SL” Contactors are perfect for OEMs because they combine the highest ratings available in a cost-saving, reduced size package that‘s lighter and easier to install.

Automation and Control
DCC manufactures a fill basket of automation and control products. Included in this offering are motor control and protection solutions, command and signaling devices, solid state controllers and automation.

Power Monitoring and Metering
From the moment power enters your facility to the instant it is used by a process, tenant or equipment, DCC’s complete family of industry-leading power management products – metering devices, protective relays, communications hardware and software – will monitor, analyze, measure and control.